Radiant’s  expertise in software engineering spans all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from requirements gathering to software maintenance. We leverage agile development methodologies to efficiently deliver quality solutions to our customers. Our team brings expertise in the latest open source, COTS/GOTS products, frameworks and programming languages.

Requirements Analysis and Testing. The successful outcome of any project depends upon clearly identifying and articulating project requirements. How requirements are understood, defined, and captured determines the project’s success. Radiant’s Human Centered Design (HCD) methodology leverages a robust framework of capturing requirements using templates and processes developed from years of experience.

We partner with our customers to fine tune our methodologies and imbibe their best practices in capturing requirements more effectively. Our framework identifies scope creep early on, ensuring on time, on budget delivery.

Software Design and Development. Our expertise ranges from traditional client server solutions to complex web-based applications that utilize multi-tier architecture and service-oriented programming techniques. Our client-server, distributed application, and e-business solutions are developed using a wide variety of languages and platforms. We are experts in distributed applications and employ advanced data modeling techniques, software life cycle methodologies, and testing processes to ensure the delivery of high-quality products that improve productivity and efficiency. We utilize the latest web technologies to meet mission and and a satisfying return on investment.